Neuropsychology studies the connection between brain dysfunction and human behavior.  Clinical neuropsychology refers to how we evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate people who demonstrate the symptoms of neurological pathology.

I have built my reputation on making neuropsychological and psychological assessment and treatment a positive experience. I work to empower my patients by treating them as the individuals they are, and recognizing their potential with respect in a dignified and professional setting. Through this caring and thoughtful approach, assessment and treatment becomes an informative and useful tool for a better quality of life. In my practice the following services are provided comprehensive neuropsychological and psychological assessments. Specialized areas include neuropsychological evaluations for a wide range of neurological conditions; cognitive remediation treatment following acquired neurological conditions to assist with return to work, school, and independence; concussion testing; baseline and pre-surgical testing; and forensic evaluations, including Independent Neuropsychological Exams.

Areas of specialization include: neuropsychological and psychological evaluation, assessment and treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Veteran reintegration issues, depression and anxiety disorders